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Denver Janitors have gone GREEN!

March 3, 2022

Joining Portland Janitors in the Fight for Sustainable Cleaning Practices!!

SEIU Local 105 Janitor members at Civic Center Plaza have proudly completed the new Green Janitorial Education Program. The Green Janitorial Education Program is giving Janitors the training, tools, and resources to ensure safer, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly practices to clean and maintain Denver’s buildings and combat climate change.

“I’m proud of our union for leading the way in developing this important learning and development opportunity for janitors in my building,” said Magdalena Astudillo, a janitor at Civic Center Plaza for the last 12 years. “As a GJEP certificate holder, I feel even more confident in my work by being able to continue providing quality cleaning services with less environmental impacts on our community.”

SEIU Local 105 partnered with USGBC Colorado, ABM Industries, Rising Realty Partners, and SEIU Education and Support Fund for this program.  These partnerships show that when workers and employers work together changes can be made that have long lasting environmental impacts.

These Janitors are ready to join with Janitors across the country and bring the fight for sustainable cleaning practices!!!